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Ein Prozent. Über Privilegien

Privileges are undeserved advantages. The privileged can’t help having privileges, but they can use them to do things – and often they can do so much more than others. The richest 1% of the population owns about 40% of the world’s entire net wealth, while the poorest 50% of all households only have just over 2.5% at their disposal. In Austria. According to a study carried out by the Chamber of Labour in March 2020. Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, the gap has probably become even wider and will continue to widen. The result will be that people become uncanny to one another. When they know less and less about one another because the living conditions become more and more disparate, and when the differences become so large that people can no longer relate to the lives of the others, beyond the social thresholds and barriers, that is when imagination thrives and, with it, fears and aggressions.

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