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Around his production of HAMLETMASCHINE, director Oliver Frljić and the philosopher and activist Srećko Horvat create a two-month interdisciplinary programme on Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries. The series of events deals with the continent's violent history and disturbing present across all genres - but not least with its positive perspectives. In various formats - discussions, readings, film screenings, performances and a conference - numerous guests from literature, science, art, and journalism will be invited to develop ideas for the future from a critical analysis of the past. Many of the events are created in cooperation with our partner institutions Kunsthalle Wien, Brunnenpassage and Filmmuseum. Scroll down to discover the diverse programme!

Kasino Am Schwarzenbergplatz And Other Venues 17.01.2019 - 12.03.2020

Kuratiert von: Oliver Frljić und Srećko Horvat

Dramaturgie: Rita Czapka und Sebastian Huber

Projektleitung: Tobias Herzberg 

Design your very own EUROPE MACHINE: If you book tickets for 2 events, you will receive a 30% discount; if you book tickets for 3 events or more, a 50% discount. The events you can choose from are marked in the calendar with the word Maschinenrabatt (Machine Discount).

In Cooperation with: Kunsthalle Wien, Brunnenpassage, Filmmuseum, WIENER WORTSTAETTEN.




Sponsored by: ERSTE Stiftung und RD Foundation (APROPOS GEGENWART, RE: THE PRESENT)


  • kasino Die Hamletmaschine

    “My position, if my drama were still happening, would be on both sides of the front, between the fronts, or above them.” In THE HAMLET MACHINE Oliver Frljić uses the succinct and extremely compact text by Heiner Müller to delve into the question of art and opposition in present-day Europe.

    17.01., 23.01., 28.01., 01.02., 06.02., 12.02.2020
  • Kasino - Lecture Throw Your Bodies Into The Machine

    Multimedia Lecture by and with Srećko Horvat

    Srećko Horvat will open the Europe Machine with a science fiction lecture on the future of the continent in times of global illiberalism.

    In English


    Reading and talk with Marko Dinić and Ivana Sajko

    Ivana Sajko, a Croatian-born author, and Marko Dinić, a newcomer writer born in Vienna and raised in Belgrade, write and speak about the cultural identity (and problematic attribution) of migrant workers.

    In German and English

  • Kasino - Performance Naked Polish Politics

    Durational Performance by and with Jaśmina Polak and Jan Sobolewski

    The Polish actors Polak (*1990) and Sobolewski (*1988) are members of the Europa Ensemble, which was founded in 2018. Their durational performance starts out as a discussion about the political situation in their home country and culminates in exhibitionist excesses that address the concept of nation.

    Visitors may come and go as they please.

    In English

  • Kasino - Schmecken & HÖREN CULINAIRE L'EVROPE

    #1: Kärnten/Koroška: Pontzger, Strankalan & Masunjak

    Join Lojze Wieser and Martin Kušej on a culinary journey through the bilingual region of southern Carinthia. An evening that invites visitors to get to know the region with all their senses. The dinner is accompanied by texts by Peter Handke, Maja Haderlap, Axel Karner, Christine Lavant and Prežihov Voranc, read by members of the Burgtheater ensemble. The Talltones provide the musical interludes in the form of Carinthian songs with a difference.

    Admission: € 75 incl. dinner (excluded from the “Machine Discount”)

  • Burgtheater - Discussion Debating EUrope  


    Moderation Eric Frey (Der Standard)

    Around the world, elections are being manipulated by fake news and public opinion radicalised through social media. Hackers wreak havoc on electronic electoral processes. Once, the internet was seen as a way to achieve more democracy; today, concern over the future of free elections prevails. Eric Frey, editor for Der Standard daily newspaper, talks to his guests about the evolution of mainstream media and the (un)manageability of the internet in a new edition of the renowned talk series on the Burgtheater stage.

    In German and English

    A collaboration between the Burgtheater, ERSTE Stiftung, the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) and DER STANDARD daily newspaper.

  • kasino - Talk Apropos Gegenwart (RE: The Present)

    # 4: Fear and Freedom

    Each month, the Vienna philosopher Isolde Charim and the Berlin author Sasha Marianna Salzmann will take it in turns to hold an engaging conversation with a prestigious guest from the world of literature, journalism or philosophy. What’s the idea? Straight talking on current social issues.

    Isolde Charim talks to Jan-Werner Müller. In his latest book, Jan-Werner Müller, professor of political thought at the University of Princeton, calls for a renewal of the ideal of political freedom – for a new, different liberalism.

    In German

    This series is brought to you by the RD Foundation Vienna – for a strong civil society deeply rooted in human rights.

  • Kasino - Medienperformance ON LOVE AFTERWARDS

    Milica Tomić, one of today's most renowned media and performance artists, regards history as a process of discontinuity. In her public montage, she symbolically rebuilds a non-material monument to the political imagination, its past and its present. Using methods of non-linear film montage, she questions counter-violence against terror and the role of women by leaving space for intervention. Together with the audience and invited guests, she will look (or ask) for legal developments that make a far-reaching "surveillance capitalism" possible: What are the consequences for the right to civil disobedience? And what significance does public space have as a sphere of publicity today?

    In cooperation with: Kunsthalle Wien

  • Kasino - Workshop-Präsentation SCHULE DES WIDERSPRUCHS (SCHool of Dissent)

    Workshop presentation

    In this workshop, the young participants will explore artistic forms of expression in public spaces and present their activist efforts.

    The workshop will take place from 2 to 8 February as part of the Young Academy of the Burgtheaterstudio in cooperation with Brunnenpassage.

    Admission free

  • Kasino - Konferenz The White West III

    THE WHITE WEST is a conference dedicated to the (hitherto inadequately studied) relationship between settler colonialism on the one hand and fascism and National Socialism on the other.

    In English

    Admission free! If you would like to attend, please send an email to You will get your ticket at the door on the day.

    Organised by Kunsthalle Wien in cooperation with Burgtheater

    13. + 14.02.2020
  • Kasino - Matinee Triangle Talk

    #2: Oliver Frljić and Annamariá Láng in conversation with Sebastian Huber

    Triangle Talk brings international Burgtheater artists together for stimulating discussions. Oliver Frljić and Annamariá Láng talk about how art can maintain its freedom under adverse conditions.

    In English

  • Kasino - Tanzperformance ALL – a physical Poem of protest

    Walking in circles, running, moving – the resistant power of a naked crowd is set in motion. The poetry of protest arises from a meditative act. 

    In English

  • Kasino - Film & Gespräch Paradise Lost & Found - Paradies. Eine imperialistische Tragikomödie

    Film showing and talk

    The pioneer of the Yugoslav Black Wave film movement presents his “imperialistic tragicomedy” Paradies (Paradise) and talks to philosopher Boris Buden and art theorist Marina Gržinić about cinematic art and freedom.

    In cooperation with the Austrian Film Museum

  • Kasino - Gespräch Apropos Gegenwart

    #5: Seven Steps Towards Dictatorship

    Sasha Marianna Salzmann talks to Ece Temelkuran

    Exiled writer Ece Temelkuran talks to Sasha Marianna Salzmann about her latest book – an analysis of de-democratisation, an impassioned appeal in defence of democracy.

    This series is brought to you by the RD Foundation Vienna – for a strong civil society deeply rooted in human rights.

  • Kasino - Schmecken & Hören CULINAIRE L'EVROPE

    #2: Mähren/Morava: Tscholent – Ritschert – Ričat

    Join Lojze Wieser on our second culinary-musical-literary journey, this time to Moravia, the lost continent of three peoples: Czech, German and Jewish. The Moravian dish cholent – “food of heaven, which God Himself instructed Moses in the secret of preparing” (H. Heine) – evolved into ritschert in Austria. Prepared as an hors d’oeuvre in the Jewish tradition, it contains chicken and pearl barley, while the Carinthian version is made with smoked pork. The Moravian main course is followed by sweet immigrants: Powidltascherl (plum jam turnovers) and Kolatschen (kolachs). The literary interludes consist of excerpts from Václav Havel, Jiří Gruša, Jan Skacel, among others.

    Admission: € 75 incl. dinner (excluded from the “Machine Discount”)

  • Kasino - Gastspiel Simple as ABC #5

    The lecture performance invites the audience to dive into five years of artistic research and encounters with EU officials, border guards, people smugglers and experts who have been physically and psychologically subjected to the EU external border.

    In English

    28. + 29.02.2020
  • Kasino - Literatur als Störmanöver KOLLEKTIVSALON

    Folge 2: Anschlussfähig.

    Hydra präsentiert: Fabulamundi – Playwriting Europe

    FABULAMUNDI - Playwriting Europe is a network to promote contemporary European dramatics. Three new texts are presented in the Kollektivsalon on the historically contaminated date of "Anschluss".

    In Kooperation mit den WIENER WORTSTAETTEN

  • Guided Tour around Vienna Moved by history

    The philosopher and cultural critic Boris Buden presents a historical city tour addressing resistance, nationalism and psyvchoanalysis.

© Lukas Beck

Oliver Frljić was born in Bosnia in 1976 and is a director. His aesthetically radical productions are always controversial and polarise viewers by taking a political stand. Frljić is a regular guests at international theatre festivals such as the Wiener Festwochen. He was the artistic director of the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka from 2014 to 2016, when he resigned as an act of protest against Croatian cultural policy. In 2018 he founded the Europa Ensemble at the Schauspiel Stuttgart; as of the ongoing season he is a resident director at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin. Frljić’s production of Heiner Müller’s DIE HAMLETMASCHINE opens DIE EUROPAMASCHINE, which Frljić is curating together with the philosopher Srećko Horvat.

Srecko Horvat
Srećko Horvat
© Srećko Horvat

Srećko Horvat is one of the most intriguing philosophers of the younger generation. He has published several books (e.g. “What Does Europe Want?” with Slavoj Žižek; “The Radicality of Love”) and he also co-founded the Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25) together with the former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis and ran for a seat in the European Parliament. As the co-curator of EUROPAMASCHINE*, Horvat will kick off this series of events with a multimedia talk on the continent’s future in times of global illiberalism on 18 January. 

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