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Cyrano de Bergerac

Martin Crimp nach Edmond Rostand
Lilith Häßle, Tim Werths, Franz Pätzold
© Nikolaus Ostermann

British playwright Martin Crimp’s adaptation of CYRANO DE BERGERAC is a linguistic extravaganza. Crimp added various influences from spoken word, hip-hop and contemporary discourse to the original text – in rhyming verse throughout and full of humour. Cyrano is the greatest poet in all of Paris. But he has a problem, and it’s in the middle of his face. 

Because of the size of his nose, he can’t work up the courage to declare his love to the clever Roxane. The new recruit Christian is the opposite of Cyrano: he has perfect looks but isn’t very articulate. Roxane falls in love with Christian and demands tokens of love. His solution is to enlist Cyrano to write love verses to Roxane by proxy … Crimp’s play is not only an ode to love, but also to poetry and language as the world’s most beautiful weapons.

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Dauer und Pausen 3 Stunden - 1 Pause
Sitzplan D
Abo / Zyklus Abo 19
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