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Eine beglückend erschütternde Neuinterpretation von Oliver Welter und Clara Frühstück
© Ingo Pertramer

Oliver Welter, musician and singer with the Austrian cult band NAKED LUNCH, has joined forces with pianist and sound and performance artist Clara Frühstück for an exhilarating borderline undertaking. At the invitation of the Burgtheater, Welter and Frühstück created a reinterpretation of Winterreise that is both radical and emotional. After its premiere at the Akademietheater in June 2021, the duo received standing ovations and glowing reviews from the media.  This project could be a turning point in the reception of this existential masterpiece by Franz Schubert and Wilhelm Müller. Welter and Frühstück explore its eerie beauty with their profound understanding of pop and their fervid precision. A moving journey straight into the dark soul of the world’s best-known song cycle. 

“Oliver Welter and Clara Frühstück’s interpretation of Winterreise is not to be missed.  Anyone with a heart will prostrate themselves before this incredibly earnest artistic endeavour to show a human being’s many fractures with dignity, while also showing their potential to fly, to be beautiful, exuberant.” – Katja Gasser (ORF)

“Clara Frühstück and Oliver Welter scaled the summit of the Great Austrian Songbook today and played a Winterreise that takes your breath away. It is not a jazzed up version, nor is it an attempt to prettify the original. Rather, it is a tender rethinking of the Lieder as existentially incisive songs that have had time to ripen. Every song hits the mark. The songs are ‘composed interpretations’ – in the tradition of Hans Zender – for piano and electric guitar. Goosebumps from the very first note.” – Rainer Elstner (Ö1)

“Harrowingly good” – Fritz Ostermayer (FM4, Schule für Dichtung)

  • Mit
    Clara Frühstück,
    Oliver Welter,
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Dauer und Pausen 1 Stunde 15 Minuten - keine Pause
Sitzplan B
Zusatzinformation € 32,- bis 4,-
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