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Die Jagdgesellschaft

Thomas Bernhard
Die Jagdgesellschaft
© Susanne Hassler-Smith

In a hunting lodge far from the city, in the middle of an enormous forest, the General’s wife and the writer await the arrival of the General: a proud Stalingrad veteran, a big landowner and high-ranking politician. The conversation revolves around the actual final state of the old General and his world. The forest has been completely ravaged by bark beetles, and the General himself has an incurable disease. But the General is unaware of both things. When he finally arrives at his lodge and gets ready to go hunting, he has no idea that this may be his last time. Thomas Bernhard himself repeatedly described THE HUNTING LODGE as one of his best plays.

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"Ich ist ein Anderer"

PROBENEINBLICKE #7: Zu Thomas Bernhard, einem Motorsägen-Unfall und dem Stück DIE JAGDGESELLSCHAFT. Ein Gespräch
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