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Marcus Youssef | Deutsch von BASTIAN HÄFNER
Emilia Mihellyes, Kevin Koller, Lukas Coleselli, Jihen Djemai, Miriam Bahri, Johanna Singer
© Luiza Puiu

Fatima, a confident and successfully integrated young Muslim woman, and her best friends choose to wear the head scarf, the hijab, calling themselves “jabbers”. But then Fatima’s parents make her change schools. Now she is the only “jabber” and an outsider – just like Jorah, the hot-headed class troublemaker. A tentative love story begins to take shape between the two teenagers, but meets with a lot of opposition. As challenging as their differences may be, for Fatima and Jorah they are by no means insurmountable.

The Canadian author Marcus Youssef’s sensitive, unsentimental, funny story looks at a fearless girl and a controversial headdress, at domestic violence and the mechanisms of stigmatisation – and at two teenagers moving from the margins of society towards each other.

A production with the Studioensemble

  • mit
    Dunja Sowinetz,
  • Studioensemble
    Miriam Bahri,
    Lukas Coleselli,
    Jihen Djemai,
    Kevin Koller,
    Hanna Mannsberger,
    Emilia Mihellyes,
    Anna Sebők,
    Niklas Schrade,
    Johanna Singer,
    Marc Stadler,
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