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Culinaire l'Evrope #10: Andalusien

Im Vorverkauf ab 1. Februar
© Marcella Ruiz Cruz

The last (for now) edition of Culinaire L’Evrope takes us to Andalusia. The 800-year era of Moorish and Arab rule impacted the appearance of Andalusia more than any other region in Spain. Muslim high culture is not only visible in the architecture, but also left its mark on irrigation technology, handicraft, music, and the cuisine. Andalusia is mainly known for its air-dried ham (jamón), olive oil (aceite de oliva), fried fish and seafood (pescado frito) and sherry, which originated in the region around Jerez de la Frontera. Burgtheater actors read texts about the cities in Andalusia, about flamenco and bullfighting, fiery fiestas, and the melancholy of travel. The evening is moderated by Martin Kušej und Lojze Wieser.

  • mit
    Markus Scheumann, Zeynep Buyraç, Nina Siewert,
  • durch den Abend führen
    Martin Kušej,
    Lojze Wieser,
  • Livemusik
    Mónica Clavijo Barroso (Cantaora),
    Franklin Henao V. (Gitarre),
  • Tänzer
    Elías Morales (Flamenco),
  • Dramaturgie
    Jeroen Versteele,
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Zusatzinformation € 125,- inkl. Menü / keine Abendkasse | kein Wahlabo
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