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Von Lebemännern und Hadesgängern

Burgtheater - 1. Foyer

In time for spring, the Burgtheater presents two very different but equally timeless musical-theatrical evenings: the “Norwegian Faust” PEER GYNT by Henrik Ibsen at the Kasino, and ORPHEUS DESCENDING by Tennessee Williams, a modern take on the ancient Greek myth, at the Burgtheater. Mavie Hörbiger and Norman Hacker talk about these two productions and share their experiences with theatre literature’s tragic, comic and musical works. “One cannot die in the middle of Act Five,” says a character in PEER GYNT. Whether this applies to Mavie Hörbiger and Norman Hacker’s new roles, and how many stage deaths they have already suffered in the course of their stage careers, are things the two actors may reveal in their conversation with Haide Tenner.

In cooperation with the Society of the Friends of the Burgtheater
Tickets € 8 / € 6 for Friends of the Burgtheater

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Zusatzinformation €8,-/€6,- für Burgfreunde Eingang Feststiege Volksgartenseite
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Dorothee Hartinger
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Sabine Haupt
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