Nie wieder. Über Demokratie

Modern democracy knows neither God nor Satan. It depends on people’s confidence in their ability to use their heads and to make their own rules for their lives. Among other things, these rules lay down that everyone is free to believe in the god or devil of their own choosing, as long as their belief does not lead them to call into question or to restrict the freedom of those with other beliefs. Modern democracy does not set out to divide the world into good and bad for all time. It knows that the ideas of good and evil are subject to change over time and that they need to be redefined periodically. That is both its greatest strength and its Achilles’ heel. It makes it limber, open towards the future and humane – but also susceptible to intolerance, authoritarian structures and violence. In this regard, the long-used antifascist slogan “Never again!” is also a reminder to democracy itself to never again be what it once was or is today.

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