Österreichische Erstaufführung: März 2021

How free are the Arts? Anne Fratzer, academy director and renowned artist, has dedicated her newest work to the National Socialists – due to a seemingly private reason: The Nazis killed her alcoholic, violent grandfather, ending the torment of Anne’s grandmother and family.



Österreichische Erstaufführung: März 2021


Thomas Melle

Regie: András Dömötör

Bühne & Kostüme: Sigi Colpe

Musik: Tamás Matkó 

Licht: Norbert Gottwald

Dramaturgie: Tobias Herzberg

Thus, the “old prepetrators” should deserve an ode. A joke gone wrong, a serious provocation, or a brilliant breach of taboo? The art world and soon the entire society lose their senses. In a hypernervous debate, extreme opinions clash, leaving every balance behind. Thomas Melle’s new play is equally disturbing and entertaining. The questions it raises reach far beyond the art cosmos in which it is set.

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