Arthur Schnitzlers Reigen

Concert with drama – Regina Fritsch, Sven-Eric Bechtolf & Musicbanda Franui
musikalische Bearbeitung | Komposition Markus Kraler , / musikalische Bearbeitung | Komposition Andreas Schett , /
Dramaturgie Sven-Eric Bechtolf , / Dramaturgie Andreas Schett , /
Lesung Sven-Eric Bechtolf , / Lesung Regina Fritsch , /
und Musicbanda Franui , /
Arthur Schnitzlers Reigen

Together with Regina Fritsch and Sven-Eric Bechtolf, Franui presents ten scenes, each of which is characterised by a different musical milieu: the Bohemian Reigen housemaid goes hand in hand with Gustav Mahler; Erik Satie tickles the ivories in the private parlour; the poet’s explanations are accompanied by the sounds of John Cage; and an aria by Giuseppe Verdi resounds in the conjugal bedroom stirring memories of the honeymoon in Italy. The artists, seated on twelve chairs, act and read. The result is a special evening with its own unique format: not a concert, not a reading, not a performance of a play, not music theatre, not an audio drama – and yet, a bit of everything.

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