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Bambi & die Themen

Bonn Park
Anna Seböck, Simon Haslauer, Elias Burckhardt
© Susanne Hassler-Smith

“This is the story of a young deer that was once and is no longer curious.”

Bambi, a fawn full of questions, shares a flat in Dinosaurs City with his friends Flower and Thumper, and is going through an existential crisis. Forests are burning, wars are raging, everyone is indulging in unrestrained egoism under the guise of selfcare. It isn’t easy to approach adulthood and live an authentic life when things are so bad you just want to binge-watch your favourite series to take your mind off everything. When a new technology (the internet) and a character called ??? enter the lives of the three friends, things become even more complicated. What is a dystopian dream, and what is reality? Would destroying all terrible things (such as opinions, neoliberalism, passive aggressive behaviour, the mottos of our theatre season) be a solution towards achieving meaning and lasting peace? After a destructive frenzy Bambi, Flower and Thumper are forced to accept that this attempt to make the world a better place has also failed. “An unbridled loneliness overcomes Bambi, and because he hates his thoughts he numbs himself with the internet.”

Author and director Bonn Park’s plays are infused with a great melancholy and a yearning for a lost world that he himself and his characters never got to know and that perhaps never even existed. He creates both funny and harrowing snapshots of a very modern attitude towards life that is marked by helplessness, powerlessness and overload, but also by the pursuit of beauty, eternal friendship and unconditional love.


  • Studioensemble
    Anna Sebök,
    Lina Vahsen,
    Hannah Carina Wattenbach,
    Mareike Kremsner,
    Elisa Perlick,
    Simon Haslauer,
    Johannes Kirchner,
    Magdalena Frauenberger,
    Wanda Gessl,
    Henriette Bayer,
    Elias Burckhardt,
Beschreibung Information
Dauer und Pausen 1 Stunde 20 Minuten - keine Pause
Zusatzinformation Ab 14
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