Culinaire l'Evrope

#1: Kärnten/Koroška: Pontzger, Strankalan und Masunjak
mit Martin Kušej , / mit Lojze Wieser , / mit Markus Scheumann , / mit Birgit Minichmayr , /
Band Talltones , /
Culinaire L'Evrope

Join Lojze Wieser and Martin Kušej on a culinary journey through the bilingual region of southern Carinthia. An evening that invites visitors to get to know the region with all their senses. The dinner is accompanied by texts by Peter Handke, Maja Haderlap, Axel Karner, Christine Lavant and Prežihov Voranc, read by members of the Burgtheater ensemble. The Talltones provide the musical interludes in the form of Carinthian songs with a difference.

Admission € 75 incl. dinner (excluded from the “Machine Discount”)

With friendly support from Vöslauer und Ottakringer

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