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Culinaire l'Evrope

#3: Dalmatien
Culinaire L'Evrope
© Marcella Ruiz Cruz

Lojze Wieser invites us to join him on the first culinary trip of the season – to Dalmatia. We are greeted with inčuni, preserved sardines that have been lying in a bath of coarse Ston salt for nine months. In Split, we see Diocletian scurry by with a head of cabbage and cauliflower tucked under his arm, mumbling, “Pickling, always pickling.” Then we arrive at Zagorje, where we learn the art of preserving sheep’s milk. In the Dalmatian back country, we get to know mišina, cheese that has been aged in a sheepskin. Next, a lamb stew is served, and we begin to understand Diocletian’s murmurings as we eat arambaši, chopped mutton and lamb wrapped in a pickled cabbage leaf. And rounding things off, we have the legendary almond cake from Imutsk, which even the Austrian Emperor loved so much, he had it delivered to his palace in Vienna. Literary excerpts again accompany this trip.

With Martin Schwab & Nina Siewert.

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