Culinaire l'Evrope #3

#3 EPIRUS/IOANNINA: Mezedes, Majiritsa, Metsovone
Culinaire L'Evrope

The third leg of our journey takes us to northern Greece. We celebrate Easter the Greek way, like they do in Ioannina or Metsovo, and indulge in typical paschal dishes, accompanied by melodies dating back to ancient times. We taste mezédhes, magiritsa, kokoretsi, the Easter lamb and traditional metsovone (a smoked cheese). We sip tsipouro and savour the regional wines. We meet Zeus and the oracle of Dodona, the oldest Greek oracle and the most significant supraregional oracle in the Greek world. We encounter Vlachs, partisans and the women of Pindos. Dimitra Petsa brings Greek Easter from Ioannina in Epirus to Vienna.

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