Austrian Premiere March 2020, Vestibül & Mobil

Birthday party and presents! New toys! And the old toy quickly loses its appeal – just like the paper figure. And the one-legged tin solider is no use either. They are set aside, on the windowsill. For a while they hope that the child who owns them will pick them up again, but a gust of wind (or was it the jealous jack-in-the-box?) seals their fate. The solider lands in the gutter and the paper ballerina is whirled high up into the air. Strange and perilous encounters await them in the world outside the nursery. Evil twins, selfish clouds and rats guarding the borders place the soldier and the ballerina in great danger. Wherever they end up, no one wants them – where they are wanted, on the other hand, they are enslaved or eaten. But the dancer escapes from the possessive and dangerously chaotic magpie family, and even a perpetually hungry giant fish can’t digest a tin solider. A fairytale coincidence brings them back together and everything seems to be turning out well – but in fact there’s worse to come. Only a miracle can help!