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Die Maschine in mir (Version 1.0)

Michael Maertens
© Marcella Ruiz Cruz

Deutsch von Henning Bochert


Dead Centre’s THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS by Sigmund Freud gleefully broke through the divide between the performance on the stage of the Akademietheater and the reality in the auditorium by basing the entire piece’s content on a Viennese audience member’s dream. The latest production by the Irish-British director duo, which premieres on 31 December, goes even further. This monologue featuring Michael Maertens explores transhumanism – an exploration that seeks to overcome the limits of the human body. The play is based on Irish journalist Mark O’Connell’s award-winning book To Be a Machine, a rousing commentary on the human yearning for eternal life. O’Connell traces the arc from the Epic of Gilgamesh through to present-day places where the utopia of immortality is already a physical reality, where people become cyborgs and where heads in the desert of Arizona wait to be brought to life.

With the help of technology, Michael Maertens overcomes the boundaries between his body and the audience’s bodies. The audience attends the performance by means of tablets positioned in the Kasino auditorium. In this way, they can already drink to the New Year during the performance in the comfort of their own homes. Our life as a machine? Cheers!

To watch DIE MASCHINE IN MIR you will be required to upload yourself into the audience by recording a short video. This video will be used in the performance.  When you book your ticket you will be sent a link to upload yourself. The recording is very simple – all you need is a computer or phone with a camera. It takes about 30 seconds. Once you have uploaded your video, you will receive a link to watch the show on the day of the performance.

Only single tickets are available for this performance. If you would like to watch it together with someone else, please make a separate booking for them. 

A co-production by Dead Centre with Dublin Theatre Festival. Developed and supported by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin as part of the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab project. Co-funded by Creative Europe. Supported by the Arts Council, Ireland.


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Übertragung via Live-Stream

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Der Kartenverkauf endet jeweils 24 Stunden vor Vorstellungsbeginn.


Entwickelt und unterstützt durch die Science Gallery des Trinity College Dublin als Teil des European ARTificial Intelligence Lab-Projekts. Kofinanziert von Creative Europa. Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Arts Council Irland. 

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