Dead Centre &
Regie Bush Moukarzel , / Regie Ben Kidd , /
Bühne und Kostüme Nina Wetzel , /
Video Sophie Lux , /
Sounddesign und Musik Kevin Gleeson , /
Licht Marcus Loran , /
Dramaturgie Andreas Karlaganis , /
Anouk Auer , / Chiara Bauer-Mitterlehner , / Mara Nathalie Brosteanu , /
und Eine Träumerin , /
Die Traumdeutung von Sigmund Freud

A book like a dream. As groundbreaking as it is controversial. Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams is no less impenetrable than the soul it strives to illuminate. It is a confused guide to the scenes we see in our dreams and, consequently, to our ego, which is what dreams are all about, says Freud. His entire life he regarded this work as his magnum opus, as the foundation stone of psychoanalysis and as a scientific guide to understanding dreams. Freud was convinced that he could solve the mysteries of dreams and gain access to the soul, which he describes as an obscure desiring machine.

The British-Irish theatrical duo Dead Centre create intelligent yet entertaining adaptations of the great works of Western culture. With great relish, they upset the separation between the onstage fiction and the audience’s reality. In their first production in Vienna, they create a “theatrical dream workshop” that leads from Dr Freud’s treatment room at Berggasse 19 into our own childhood bedrooms, where nightmares lurk in the dark of night.

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