Klaus Maria Brandauer liest "14. Juli"

Klaus Maria Brandauer

Paris, summer of 1789. The population’s dissatisfaction with the arbitrariness and decadence of the ruling classes is growing, to the point where a crowd gathers at the gates of the Bastille on the morning of 14 July – a day that was to change Europe forever. Who were these men, women, and even children, who had so little to lose that they opposed the authorities without any fear whatsoever? Éric Vuillard describes the birth of the French Revolution as a poetic panorama and reminds us that freedom also means the equality of all human beings in the eyes of history.

Following "Die Tagesordnung" ("The Order of the Day"), Klaus Maria Brandauer, Kammerschauspieler and honorary member of the Burgtheater, will read excerpts from Vuillard’s latest work, with musical accompaniment by Arno Waschk.