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Für die Bühne bearbeitet von Tina Müller
© Marcella Ruiz Cruz

A city: not much idyllic charm, all the more boredom, alcohol, where a takeaway stand is the heart of the nightlife – and young adults questioning the society they see, because they want more from life than low-paying jobs and pressure. Dissatisfaction and defiance are an explosive mixture, and pervasive hatred seeks a tangible opponent: foreigners. Marisa also blames the foreigners for everything that is going wrong. But then she meets Rasul, a young asylum seeker. The more she learns about Rasul and his plight, the more her world view starts to crumble.

COMBAT GIRLS (“Deutscher Filmpreis 2012”) brings a completely new format to our smallest venue: Burgtheater ensemble members share the stage with young people.

With friendly support from Mitsubishi

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