Mädchen wie die

Evan Placey
Pia Zimmermann, Aila Franken, Nele Christoph, Katharina Rose, Ines Maria Winkelhofer
© Matthias Horn

All the girls at St. Helen’s are BFFs – until a nude photo of Scarlett starts making the rounds. Instead of deleting it, the girls share it, like it, write comments and reprehend it. No one is interested in Scarlett’s side of the story. Spreading rumours is always more fun than showing solidarity. It´s only when Scarlett suddenly disappears that shock spreads amongst the girls – but there´s still a long wait before it´s followed by understanding.

Canadian-British author Evan Placey traces an arc from witch-hunting to cyberbullying. He does not sugarcoat his depiction of the unchanging mechanisms of peer pressure and lacking solidarity, which are dangerously precipitated in the digital age.


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    Nele Christoph
    Ines Maria Winklhofer
    Aila Franken
    Katharina Rose
    Pia Zimmermann
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