Michail Bulgakow &
Regie, Bühne, Kostüme, Video Tiit Ojasoo , , Regie, Bühne, Kostüme, Video Ene-Liis Semper , ,
Musik Jakob Juhkam , ,
Körperarbeit Jüri Nael , ,
Licht Marcus Loran , ,
Dramaturgie Götz Leineweber , ,
Woland Norman Hacker , ,
Iwan Unbehaust Marcel Heuperman , ,
Frieda Hanna Binder , ,
Sokow / Kaiphas Johannes Zirner , ,
Poplawski / Afranius Mehmet Ateşçi , ,
Jeschua Tim Werths , ,
Behemoth Felix Kammerer , ,
Meister Rainer Galke , ,
Margarita Annamária Láng , ,
Berlioz / Pontius Pilatus Philipp Hauß , ,
Duration 210 minutes, 1 intermission
Meister und Margarita

What do you do when Satan comes to town? Beg for mercy? Pray? The characters in Bulgakov’s novel don’t even bother. They all live their lives without religious conviction. But one thing they are sure of: there is no God. Satan, who has just arrived, confuses the city dwellers with his transcendence, brings the dead back to life and hosts a ball. In the end, friendship and love prevail over totalitarianism. But only in death. Bulgakov still asks the right questions: about why atheism isn’t working, why truth is a plural. His writings are still topical to this day. The lustful bitterness of the genius who, with supple thoughts, attacks a world of administrators and opportunists who turn against one another in the face of impending disasters. A universal weapon against ever-coarsening conditions. Nothing about that has changed, except that the word alone is no longer enough today.

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