Navid Kermani: Morgen ist da. Reden

Book presentation and talk with Navid Kermani and Renata Schmidtkunz

Navid Kermani has elevated public speaking and turned it into an art. The discussions he has played a part in igniting have since become even more pressing – with topics ranging from the wars in the Orient, the crisis of Europe, the deaths of refugees in the Mediterranean, to the future of the memory of Auschwitz. Now Navid Kermani’s most important speeches can be found in a single volume published by C.H.  Beck: Morgen ist da. Reden.  At his book presentation at the Akademietheater, Kermani will select some key excerpts that address Europe and the Middle East, God, love and death, language, poetry and FC Cologne, and discuss them with Renata Schmidtkunz.

Navid Kermani has a PhD in Oriental Studies, is a freelance writer and lives in Cologne.

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