Sally Potter
Szenenfoto The Party, Janet (Dörte Lyssewski) liegt am Boden, neben ihr sitzt Bill (Peter Simonischek).
© Matthias Horn

THE PARTY is a dark comedy by the British author and filmmaker Sally Potter. Janet, an English politician, is celebrating her promotion to shadow minister of health with her husband and their liberal-left circle of friends. What starts off as an evening of harmless fun, however, completely unravels when the party guests reveal a series of dramatic secrets. The pressing issues of the early 21st century are discussed in quick succession – from the crisis in the health system, democracy and banks, the state of feminism, through to the loss of stable relationships. As the party dynamic escalates, the guests – rational intellectuals – are driven to extremes. THE PARTY – which could refer to either a social celebration or a group with a political aim – deals with political positions and their corruptibility and durability with great wit and situational humour.

Thanks to Juwelier Wagner for their support.

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