Workshop Presentation

Schule des Widerspruchs (School of Dissent)

Leitung Oliver Frljić , / Leitung Srećko Horvat , / Leitung Anna Manzano , /
In Kooperation mit der Brunnenpassage

From 2 to 8 February 2020, a one-week intensive workshop on social participation will take place at Brunnenpassage as part of the project EUROPAMASCHINE: a SCHOOL OF DISSENT, facilitated by Oliver Friljić, Srećko Horvat and Anna Manzano.

The workshop for teenagers and young adults between the age of 15 and 27 discusses basic social philosophical concepts and explores artistic forms of expression in public space. The aim is to stimulate critical thinking and examine the role of art in political discourse.

The entire workshop will be filmed, edited by the participants and presented on 8 February at Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz as part of a discourse event.

Free admission


If you would like to participate

First informal meeting on 27.01.2020, 18:00 at Brunnenpassage

Workshop from 02.02 to 08.02.2020, 10:00 to 17:00 at Brunnenpassage

Workshop languages: German, English, BCS

Sign-up for the workshop at

SCHULE DES WIDERSPRUCHS is a cooperation between Burgtheater, Brunnenpassage and Kunsthalle Wien within the framework of Junge Akademie of Burgtheaterstudio.

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