Schwarzwasser (Blackwater)

Elfriede Jelinek &
Regie und Bühne Robert Borgmann , /
Kostüme Bettina Werner , /
Musik Rashad Becker , /
Chorleitung Christine Groß , /
Dramaturgie Sabrina Zwach , /
Licht Friedrich Rom , /
Chor Caroline Baas , / Chor Sebastian Egger , / Chor Etienne Halsdorf , / Chor Safira Robens , / Chor Lili Winderlich , / Chor Amalia Takács , / Chor Verena Tranker , / Chor Julia Mikusch , / Chor August Elias Kirschgens , /

A Spanish island, an Austrian politician, the niece of a Russian oligarch: a toxic combination. The man, intoxicated with power, is caught on hidden camera promising the woman control over the national media landscape. While he’s at it, he also proffers the country’s natural resources, arguing that it would be lucrative to privatise rivers and lakes and that roads could be built over mountains and through valleys. When his plan becomes public knowledge, it blows up in his face and shatters the entire government. And he also takes the young federal chancellor down with him …

Although the names of the figures in SCHWARZWASSER are common knowledge, they are irrelevant, as Elfriede Jelinek always focuses on fundamental issues in her work. She masterfully interlinks topical events with philosophy and Ancient Greek dramas to show how violence spreads in societies and how right-wing populist positions proliferate like a virus and infect all areas of life. They poison both the societal and the environmental climate and lead to the brink of global disaster.

SCHWARZWASSER is a new piece by Elfriede Jelinek. Under the direction of Robert Borgmann, it will premiere at the Akademietheater on 6 February.

Awarded the Nestory Theatre Award 2020

Caroline Peters for Best Actress
Elfriede Jelinek for Best Play


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