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A Talk with Martin Kušej and Kay Voges

During the current season, directors from 13 countries are working on new productions on the four Burgtheater stages. Most of them come from the far corners of Europe – from Great Britain to Hungary and Croatia, and from Estonia and Iceland to Slovenia – and bring with them their personal aesthetics and, of course, their own perspectives on making theatre. It’s high time they sat together for a chat! Burgtheater artistic director Martin Kušej himself will take part in the very first panel discussion. With the premieres of Die Hermannsschlacht (The Battle of Hermann) and Dies Irae – Tag des Zorns (Dies Irae – Day of Wrath) just around the corner, the directors of these productions, Martin Kušej and Kay Voges, chat about theatre, Europe and the world in these uncertain times – and about searching for commonalities through art. The discussion will be moderated by Haide Tenner.

In cooperation with the Society of the Friends of the Burgtheater

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