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Wie es euch gefällt (AS YOU LIKE IT)

William Shakespeare | Deutsch von Jürgen Gosch und Angela Schanelec | In einer Fassung von Tina Lanik, Jeroen Versteele und dem Ensemble
Nina Siewert, Christoph Luser, Dunja Sowinetz, Martin Reinke, Charlotte Schwab, Oskar Haag
© Matthias Horn

Rosalind, the daughter of Duke Senior, who has been banished and is living in the Forest of Arden, disguises herself as a man so she can go in search of her father and also escape the wrath of his brother, the power-hungry autocrat Frederick. Or is she actually out to seduce the lovelorn but inexperienced Orlando, who has also run away to Arden?  As Ganymede, her alter ego, she pretends to help cure Orlando of his love for Rosalind, i.e. herself.

William Shakespeare’s play AS YOU LIKE IT (1599) is perhaps the most charming romantic comedy of all time – and at its heart, an unusually complex protagonist, who continues to fascinate audiences to this day. The play paved the way for Billy Wilder, Woody Allen and series like “Sex Education” and explores the theme of longing for a love of a lifetime. Doubts, immaturity, misunderstandings and social conventions make this love seem unattainable, but at the right moment it is within reach. A sensual classic full of colourful characters and amorous language, and sizzling with surprising eroticism. AS YOU LIKE IT considers questions of authority and anarchy, subversion and role-playing, therapy and self-discovery/self-invention – all the while playing out in an imaginary world of unexpected twists and constant transformation in which everyone is invited to take a new look at themselves, and others, over and over again.

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