The Unfinished


We want to find a way to go through with as many of the 2019/20 premieres postponed due to the Coronavirus-related restrictions as possible. Some productions were already well into planning, and rehearsals that had already begun had to be discontinued. We do not want to abandon all the set designs and the props, figurines and costumes that had already been made, the texts and rehearsals, the energy and the work that already went into these productions.  But of course a theatre does not make plans solitarily, and many of the artists involved are currently rearranging their schedules. In the following, you will find the unfinished productions that we hope to present in the upcoming season. Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific dates at this point.





Anne-Cécil Vandalem

Regie: Anne-Cécil Vandalem
Deutschsprachige Erstaufführung


September 2021

Maria Stuart

Friedrich Schiller

Regie: Martin Kušej
Eine Koproduktion mit den Salzburger Festspielen




2020 oder Das Ende

Alice Birch

Regie: Katie MitchellUraufführung
Eine Koproduktion mit den Wiener Festwochen




Mädchen wie die

Evan Placey

Regie: Mira Stadler
Österreichische Erstaufführung


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