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Simon Stone nach Kinder der Sonne und Feinde von Maxim Gorki | Deutsch von MARTIN THOMAS PESL
nach Kinder der Sonne und Feinde von Maxim Gorki
Mavie Hörbiger, Felix Rech
© Marcella Ruiz Cruz

A bright, airy modernist villa on the sunny side of Vienna, filled with people life has treated well.

People who have been privately educated, industrialists, actors and filmmakers, therapists and lawyers, CEOS and investors – they move in tiny orbits around themselves and one another, amass financial and emotional debt, and think of ways to save humanity or their own petty misfortunes. Simon Stone’s intense piece, written for the Burgtheater ensemble, about the social fault lines of our times is based on Maxim Gorky’s plays CHILDREN OF THE SUN and ENEMIES.

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