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Mehr als alles auf der Welt (Please Right Back)

kreiert von 1927 , geschrieben von Suzanne Andrade | aus dem Englischen von Robin Detje
Eine Graphic Novel auf der Bühne für alle von 8 bis 108 von Suzanne Andrade
Stefanie Dvorak, Markus Meyer
© susanne hassler-smith

Thirteen-year-old Kim is not only in the throes of growing up, she also has a very unusual family. She and her younger brother, Davey, are always impatiently awaiting the next letter from their father, Eddie. These letters are full of fantastical adventures and describe the secret mission he needs to accomplish under his cover name, Mr E. While Eddie hasn’t been home in weeks, his family struggles to make ends meet in this dreary corner of England. His promise to be with them soon for tea masks a secret that Kim and Davey would never suspect: Eddie is writing his letters from prison. 

In this coming-of-age story, the British theatre company 1927 address the themes of the allure of stories and the power of imagination with warm humour and a human touch. Their works are a unique marriage of animated film, drama, dance and music that catapults their multigenerational audiences into fast-moving soaring, dancing visual worlds. Ever since their breakthrough production of THE MAGIC FLUTE at the Komische Oper in Berlin, 1927 have thrilled more than one million people on six continents.

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