Eugène Ionesco
Eine tragische Farce
Szenenfoto Die Stühle Michael Maertens (Der Alte), Maria Happel (Die Alte), Mavie Hörbiger (Der Redner)
© Georg Soulek / Burgtheater

In Ionesco’s “tragic farce”, an elderly couple await an orator who intends to pass on his message of the meaning of life to a group of people. The old man and woman have set up chairs for guests who never arrive. They talk to them anyway. THE CHAIRS counts among the “modern classics“ that also include Beckett’s WAITING FOR GODOT and ENDGAME. Behind the mask of the absurd, we discover the elderly people who cross our paths every day – on the street, at the supermarket, at the office, at school, at the retirement home … But we need to relearn how to look closely, listen closely, explore closely – otherwise the guests of these two “everyday heroes“ will remain invisible. And in the end, nothing but a vast sudden silence will remain.

Beschreibung Information
Duration 90 minutes, no intermission
Trailer: Die Stühle
© Markus Lubej
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