Die Ärztin

Robert Icke sehr frei nach Professor Bernhardi von Arthur Schnitzler &
17. Jan, Mon
Abo 13 / B!
Regie Robert Icke , ,
Bühne & Kostüme Hildegard Bechtler , ,
Sounddesign Tom Gibbons , ,
Lichtdesign Natasha Chivers , ,
Licht Hector Murray , ,
Ton Johnny Edwards , ,
Dramaturgie Anika Steinhoff , ,
Professor Ruth Wolff Sophie von Kessel , ,
Father Philipp Hauß , ,
Prof. Roger Hardiman/Two Zeynep Buyraç , ,
Dr. Paul Murphy/Three Gunther Eckes , ,
Charlie Sandra Selimović , ,
Doctor Michael Copley/Host Bless Amada , ,
Professor Brian Cyprian/Four Ernest Allan Hausmann , ,
A junior doctor/Five Melanie Sidhu , ,
Jemima Flint, Minister of Health Stacyian Jackson , ,
Rebecca Roberts/One Bardo Böhlefeld , ,
Schlagwerk Maria Petrova , ,
Live-Kamera Tobias Jonas , ,
150 minutes 1 Pause
Sophie von Kessel

The English director and author Robert Icke is known for his remarkable adaptations and stagings of classic texts. His adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s PROFESSOR BERNHARDI (premiered in Berlin in 1912) focuses on Dr Ruth Wolff, a secular Jew and head of a renowned clinic for Alzheimer patients.

Because she refuses a priest access to a dying girl, she finds herself at the centre of a media witch hunt that brings to light the complex relationships and intricacies of medical ethics, economic pressure, identity policy and toxic public discourse. 

Robert Icke wrote THE DOCTOR for London’s Almeida Theatre in 2019. He is now directing the first German-language version of the play at the Burgtheater.

17. Jan, Mon
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