nach dem Film von David Wnendt &
Für die Bühne bearbeitet von Tina Müller
17. Feb, Mon
Ab 14
Regie Anja Sczilinski , /
Bühnenbild Anneliese Neudecker , /
Kostüme Lili Wanner , /
Musik Kilian Unger , /
Choreographie Daniela Mühlbauer , /
Licht Mathias Mohor , / Licht Enrico Zych , /
Dramaturgie Claudia Kaufmann-Freßner , /
Melanie Kerstin Pichler , / Melanie Viktoria Azer , /
Andrea, Hausfrau, Svenjas Mutter Dunja Sowinetz , /
Sandro Johannes Ayrle , /
Bea, Verkäuferin, Marisas Mutter Dunja Sowinetz , /
Markus Nikolaus Pfleger , /
Frau Kachel, Asylheimleiterin Dunja Sowinetz , /
Benny Merlin Miglinci , / Benny Orlando Lenzen , /
Clemens, Politiker Alex Kapl , /
Rasul, junger Geflüchteter Paul Winkler , / Rasul, junger Geflüchteter Orlando Lenzen , /
Jamila, Rasuls Schwester, Geflüchtete Pilar Borower , / Jamila, Rasuls Schwester, Geflüchtete Kerstin Pichler , /
Jana Charly Zorell , / Jana Kerstin Pichler , /
Marisa Hanna Mannsberger , /
Lupo Selim Höpler , /
Svenja Alice Prosser , / Svenja Charly Zorell , /
Niku Warda, Besitzerin der Imbissbude Flora Egbonu , /
Oliver, Svenjas Vater Wolfram Rupperti , /
Detlef, Markus` Vater Wolfram Rupperti , /
90 minutes no breaks
Inszenierungsfoto Kriegerin Inszenierungsfoto Kriegerin Inszenierungsfoto Kriegerin Inszenierungsfoto Kriegerin Inszenierungsfoto Krigerin

A city: not much idyllic charm, all the more boredom, alcohol, where a takeaway stand is the heart of the nightlife – and young adults questioning the society they see, because they want more from life than low-paying jobs and pressure. Dissatisfaction and defiance are an explosive mixture, and pervasive hatred seeks a tangible opponent: foreigners. Marisa also blames the foreigners for everything that is going wrong. If necessary, she also uses her fists to make a point and runs people over – like Rasul and his brother, Jamil, two young asylum seekers. Jamil ends up in hospital and is deported. Rasul is now all alone and seeks help in the most unlikely place: in Marisa, who he hopes will help him escape to Sweden. She realises that she has taken things too far this time and feels guilty. The more she learns about Rasul and his plight, the more her world view starts to crumble. Not least because it is a world view where the cards are stacked against women.

The stage adaptation of David Wnendt’s award-winning film COMBAT GIRLS (2011) brings a completely new format to our smallest venue: Burgtheater ensemble members share the stage with young people. 

With friendly support from Mitsubishi

17. Feb, Mon
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