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Warum wir am Frauentag auch über Männer reden sollten...
08. Mar, Sun
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International Women’s Day is an appropriate day to talk about men as well. We have long overcome the traditional notion of masculinity as being all about strength and toughness. Women are fighting back against manifestations of so-called toxic masculinity – with increasing success. And this also benefits men. On 8 March, International Women’s Day, STANDARD editor Petra Stuiber talks to Kenan Güngör (sociologist and political adviser, think difference), Maria Windhager (lawyer, specialising in media law) and Paul Michael Zulehner (theologian and religion sociologist) and Kathrin Röggla (Author) about the “tough man” stereotype and its evolution.

A collaboration between the Burgtheater, ERSTE Stiftung, the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) and DER STANDARD daily newspaper

In German language


08. Mar, Sun
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