The Studio Ensemble allows young people aged 15 to 25 to work together with Burgtheater actors on a production for the BURGTHEATERSTUDIO.
This season we are on the lookout for young theatre enthusiasts who are keen to take part in a professional production of Kriegerin (Combat Girls).

Send your application for the audition to burgtheaterstudio@burgtheater.atat by 15 October 2019.



The Young Academy invites city residents to become actors on their own stages, in their own city districts. Burgtheater artists meet young Viennese talents. In six groups, they will work on the theme of “New Babylon” in different districts, as well as at the Burgtheater itself. They will search for visionary concepts that go beyond the traditional perceptions of life together in urban society.

  • From Autumn 2019 across the city
  • April 2020 Concluding presentation in the Akademietheater



We have entered into a long-term collaborative partnership with the Brunnenpassage (Yppenplatz in the 16th district) and with Gleis 21 (Sonnwendviertel in the 10th district):

The BURGTHEATER and the Brunnenpassage are now in partnership!

Theatre must see the whole of society as the starting point for its artistic creative work. To do so, it needs to be committed to diversity at all levels of production, to collective spaces and to shared debate. In their projects, these cultural institutions will search for formats that will pave the way to fresh aesthetic experiences.

Gleis 21: On a site belonging to an old railway track system there is a wooden house with the transformative qualities of a chameleon. Its four storeys6 house a music school, culture room, cinema, concert hall, theatre and residential units for 48 adults and 25 children, none of whom are living there by accident. Not only do they proclaim “the city belongs to us”, they want to give something back to the city and its residents. So they are opening their doors: Gleis 21 is to become an experimental space for the BURGTHEATERSTUDIO, where young people can discover the fascination of theatrical forms, where they can learn by playing, and where the stage becomes the world.



Every Tuesday, students and golden agers, beginners and people with experience gather in front of the main entrance of the Burgtheater to sing, improvise and act together. From whimsical and nonsensical to deadly serious, they may improvise, they may do voice training … and anything in between.

  • Tuesdays, 5–6pm, just turn up
  • Meet at: main entrance of the Burgtheater 
  • Admission free
  • Part of the wienXtra kinderaktiv programme



The BURGTHEATERSTUDIO’s development programme for young writers aims to motivate children and young people to write their own dramatic texts. Together with former winners of the Retzhof Drama Prize, participants will acquire and refine their knowledge of crafting skills such as dramatic structure, fleshing out figures into characters that generate emotional attachment, and dialogue techniques.


The Vorstell-Bar is an open7 stage that gives anyone and everyone the chance to contribute a short segment. Anything goes, but there is a time limit.
Several times per season in the KASINO.



On several weekends during the season, the BURGTHEATERSTUDIO will host a brunch where guests have the opportunity to talk to ensemble members and Burgtheater staff about forthcoming premieres, current topics and anything to do with the Burgtheater.

  • No registration required  
  • Admission free 
  • Ages 6 and up


The laboratories offer participants the chance to pool their ideas, energies and talents with those of experienced actors, drama teachers, musicians, choreographers and stage designers. Each laboratory has a specific theatrical focus and is linked to a selected production from the repertoire.

The following laboratories are being offered in the 2019/20 season: Movement and Dance, Choral Speaking, Dramaturgy, Improvisation, Role Work, Creative Writing Workshop.

The laboratories take place once a week over a period of 4 to 5 weeks (short laboratory) or 8 to 12 weeks (long laboratory).

There are special holiday laboratories in which participants develop their own project over a period of four days.
Participation fee:

  • Short laboratory (4–5 sessions) € 35 per person
  • Long laboratory (8–12 sessions) € 75 per person
  • Holiday laboratory (4 days) € 75 per person



A guided tour gives young visitors the chance to make exciting discoveries about the history and architecture of the Burgtheater and to take a peek behind the scenes. They gain insight into the day-to-day work8 that goes on in the theatre before the curtain goes up.

To book a guided tour for groups of children and young people (minimum 15 participants), please email 

Tour lasts 60–90 minutes.