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Zoes sonderbare Reise durch die Zeit

Jimmy Osborne und Sue Buckmaster

As a girl, Zoe dreamed of travelling to distant lands, of exciting adventures and of making the world a better place. But now her life has become humdrum: she has to go to work, do the laundry and pay the bills. There is no time for fantastic adventures, until one day something very peculiar happens and she is catapulted a hundred years into the future to a mysterious island. 

The islanders she encounters are fabulous creatures, half human, half plastic.  What has happened? Zoe doesn't have time to think before her real adventures begin. Sent on a quest by the Island’s Ancient Spirit, she sets of to explore solving riddles and helping new friends out of trouble, all the while in search of a mysterious deep sea treasure.  And only then can she find her way home.

For 25 years the British director Sue Buckmaster and her Theatre-Rites company have been creating imaginative plays for the whole family that bring together drama, music, dance and puppetry.

With kind support of WIENER STÄDTISCHE Versicherung AG.

Beschreibung Information
Dauer und Pausen 1 Stunde 10 Minuten - keine Pause
Sitzplan A
Zusatzinformation Für alle ab 6, Kinderermäßigung 50%, Familienpaket
Eine Koproduktion mit Theatre Rites
Family play for ages 6+
Safira Robens
Safira Robens
© Marcella Ruiz Cruz
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ZOES SONDERBARE REISE DURCH DIE ZEIT. Jimmy Osborne und Sue Buckmaster geben Einblick in ihren Writer’s Room.
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