Nur ein Tag

Martin Baltscheit
Max Gindorff, Lukas Haas und Maeresi Riegner
© Niko Havranek

When the fox and the wild boar meet the charming, freshly hatched dayfly, they are faced with a problem: who will tell the sweet fly that its name is no coincidence? They summarily claim that the fox is the one who is soon to die, and the dayfly shows them how to live an entire life in one day: with school, chasing geese, falling in love and producing offspring. Because there is always time to be happy. NUR EIN TAG (JUST ONE DAY) is both funny and profound, a play for young and old and an entertaining guide on seizing the day.

Beschreibung Information
Dauer und Pausen 1 Stunde 15 Minuten - keine Pause
Zusatzinformation €15,-/7,50 | Ab 6
Ab 6
NUR EIN TAG - ab 6 Jahren
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