The Party

Sally Potter &
Abo 2 / B!
Regie Anne Lenk , /
Bühne Bettina Meyer , /
Kostüme Sibylle Wallum , /
Musik Camill Jammall , /
Licht Norbert Joachim , / Licht Michael Hofer , /
Dramaturgie Sabrina Zwach , /
90 minutes no breaks
Thanks to Juwelier Wagner for their support
Szenenfoto The Party, Janet (Dörte Lyssewski) liegt am Boden, neben ihr sitzt Bill (Peter Simonischek).

The Party is a dark comedy by the British author and filmmaker Sally Potter. It was originally conceived for the screen and was filmed in 2017 in just two weeks.

After that, Potter adapted her work for the stage. Her script begins with the following description: “All scenes are set in a London house that appears comfortable, but not wealthy; it looks occupied, but not particularly well cared for. It is evident that culturally and politically active people live here; they are well read and have an eclectic taste in music. The front door opens into an entrance hall with three doors that lead to three rooms: the kitchen, bathroom and living room with French windows opening out into a small back garden. The set design must only serve the one purpose: The audience must be able to see scenes taking place simultaneously in all rooms. The layout and design of the house is left to the set designer’s imagination and interpretation.” Thus writes Sally Potter.

Janet, an English politician, is celebrating her promotion to shadow minister of health with her husband and their liberal-left circle of friends in London. What starts off as an evening of harmless fun, however, completely unravels when the party guests reveal a series of dramatic secrets. Their bourgeois intellectual existences are called into question and, believe it or not, politically re-evaluated. The pressing issues of the early 21st century are discussed in quick succession – from the crisis in the health system, democracy and banks, the state of feminism, through to the loss of stable relationships. As the party dynamic escalates, the guests – rational intellectuals – are driven to extremes. The Party – which could refer to either a social celebration or a group with a political aim – deals with political positions and their corruptibility and durability with great wit and situational humour.

Thanks to Juwelier Wagner for their support

Photo: Stefanie Moshammer

08. Oct, Tue
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