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Paulus Hochgatterer &
14. Sep, Mon
Abo 15 / B / Bonuspunkte Plus
Regie Nikolaus Habjan , /
Bühne Julius Semmelmann , /
Kostüme Cedric Mpaka , /
Licht Thomas Trummer , /
Dramaturgie Elisabeth Geyer , /
Regiemitarbeit Martina Gredler , /
mit Nikolaus Habjan , /
105 minutes no breaks
Nikolaus Habjan

“It was undoubtedly pleasing to the government that I, as a German conductor, should go to Vienna to provide the numerous supporters of the National Socialist idea with a fresh impulse, all the more so because I am a born Austrian. Heil Hitler!” wrote the great conductor Karl Böhm in 1935. In 1945, because of his affiliation with the Nazi regime, the Allied authorities removed him from his position as music director of the Vienna State Opera, which he had held since 1943, and banned him from performing.
 In 1956 he was reinstated. Nikolaus Habjan will not only be gracing the stage of the Akademietheater with guest performances of his highly acclaimed F. Zawrel – erbbiologisch und sozial minderwertig (F. Zawrel – genetically and socially inferior) in October, but will also be seen in the Burgtheater with his latest solo piece about a very old man and his fragmented memories of the darkest times.
A guest production from Schauspielhaus Graz.

14. Sep, Mon
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