Simon Stone nach Euripides &
15. Jan, Sat
B / Bonuspunkte
Regie Simon Stone , ,
Bühne Bob Cousins , ,
Kostüme An D'Huys , ,
Mitarbeit Kostüm Fauve Ryckebusch , ,
Musik Stefan Gregory , ,
Licht Friedrich Rom , ,
Dramaturgie Klaus Missbach , ,
Lucas Steven Scharf , ,
Christoph Christoph Luser , ,
Anne-Marie-Lou Irina Sulaver , ,
Herbert Falk Rockstroh , ,
90 minutes no breaks
Duration 90 minutes, no intermission
Szenefoto Medea: Steven Scharf (Lucas), Wenzel Witura (Edgar), Caroline Peters (Anna), Quentin Retzl (Georg), Christoph Luser (Christoph), Mavie Hörbiger (Clara)

Medea – a king’s daughter, wife, betrayed woman, stranger. Medea – child murderer, witch. Each age shone a different light on the myth about the woman who permanently leaves her home for the love of Jason and follows him to Greece. Simon Stone sets MEDEA in the present day and combines the ancient tragedy about Euripides with a true story from the 1990s: Following her divorce, the US American medical doctor Deborah Green set fire to the family home, thereby killing two of her three children. Stone turns Medea into a pharmacist named Anna, who has just been discharged from a psychiatric facility. She now wants to revive her formerly loving marriage with her husband, Lucas. He, in turn, has already redirected his attention to his boss’s daughter. Anna wants to forgive the affair and make a fresh start with Lucas and the children, but he has other plans.

15. Jan, Sat
Markus Lubej
Trailer: Medea
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