Lucy Kirkwood &
28. Oct, Thu
Abo 19 / B!
Regie Itay Tiran , ,
Bühne Jessica Rockstroh , ,
Kostüme Su Sigmund , ,
Musik Nikolaj Efendi , ,
Licht Norbert Piller , ,
Dramaturgie Andreas Karlaganis , , Dramaturgie Alexander Kerlin , ,
Alice Sabine Haupt , ,
Das Boson Markus Meyer , ,
Natalie Caroline Baas , ,
Henri Bless Amada , ,
Journalistin Pia Zimmermann , ,
180 minutes 1 Pause

The universe is not the only thing that is unstable and inevitably collapses at some point. Lucy Kirkwood’s domestic drama MOSKITOS is also chaotic and wild, and family members collide with one another like atoms gone rogue. The play essentially revolves around the two unlike sisters Jenny and Alice. Jenny lives in Luton, works at a call centre where she sells insurance policies, and spends most of her time Googling. Alice, a physicist working at CERN in Geneva, uses particle accelerators to search for the fundamental laws of the universe and is on the brink of finding the Higgs Boson. At the same time, Alice’s troubled son is using his hacking skills to bring his school to its knees. And although Karen, the materfamilias, devoted her whole life to research, it was not she who won the Nobel Prize for the brilliant work she did at Cambridge and Oxford, but rather her husband. Now she is struggling with dementia. A tragic event brings the family together. The Big Bang is inevitable and leads to domestic chaos – both tragic and comic.

28. Oct, Thu
Teaser der nächsten Premiere im Akademietheater: MOSKITOS
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