Wie versteckt man einen Elefanten?

Joel Horwood nach Gillian Cross
Wie versteckt man einen Elefanten, Detailbild Elefant
© Matthias Horn
based on the novel „the Great ELEPHANT CHASE“ by Gillian Cross

It is 1 April 1881, Pennsylvania: The bleak mining town of Markle is completely dumbfounded when a shifty showman presents a real, live elephant. Never having been this close to such a magnificent animal, the townspeople are mesmerised by this friendly giant named Khush. Tad, a clumsy orphan on the run from two villains, happens to hide in the railway carriage housing Khush – and thus begins an adventure that takes Tad, a clever girl called Cissie (who is almost the same age) and Khush the elephant across rivers and prairies. The two shady characters from Tad’s hometown are always close on their heels, as they have their eye on the valuable animal. But how in all the world do you hide an elephant?!

Author Gillian Cross describes this exciting race across America’s vast landscapes and tells the story of a wonderful friendship between two brave children and a lovable elephant. The book has won many prizes, including the Whitbread Children’s Book Award. In Joel Horwood’s theatrical adaptation of The Great Elephant Chase, the British puppet virtuoso Mervyn Millar and the theatrical adventure expert Ingo Berk bring the story of Khush the elephant to the Kasino stage as a spectacular event for the whole family, featuring actors and a lifelike elephant.

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    Katharina Halus
    Daniel-Frantisek Kamen
    Iris Schmid
    Stephan Witzlinger
    Stephanie Grünberger
  • TAD
    Leonard Dick
    Maresi Riegner,
  • EINS (Mr. Keenan, Mr. Eastcoate u.a.)
    Marcus Kiepe
  • ZWEI ( Mrs. Nagel, Tante Ketty u.a.)
    Elisabeth Augustin,
  • DREI (Mr. Jackson, Jedediah u.a.)
    Gunther Eckes,
  • VIER (Esther, Gillian u.a.)
    Alexandra Henkel,
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