Oscar Wilde &
27. Sep, Mon
Abo 15 / C
Regie Antonio Latella , ,
Bühne Annelisa Zaccheria , ,
Kostüme Graziella Pepe , ,
Musik Franco Visioli , ,
Choreographie Francesco Manetti , ,
Licht Marcus Loran , ,
Dramaturgie Federico Bellini , , Dramaturgie Andreas Karlaganis , ,
John Worthing Florian Teichtmeister , ,
Algernon Moncrieff Tim Werths , ,
Pastor Chasuble Max Gindorff , ,
Merriman und Lane, Butler Marcel Heuperman , ,
Lady Bracknell Regina Fritsch , ,
Gwendolen Fairfax Mavie Hörbiger , ,
Cecily Cardew Andrea Wenzl , ,
Miss Prism Mehmet Ateşçi̇ , ,
165 minutes 1 Pause

Algernon and Jack are bon vivants who live for pleasure. They have each invented a lie that allows them to balance their lifestyle with their social obligations: Algernon invents a sick friend named Bunbury, who requires regular visits, while Jack pretends that he has to take care of his brother Earnest. These lies form the basis of this madcap comedy that revolves around the importance of being Earnest. This funny, acerbic reckoning with hypocrisy and shallowness premiered in London in 1895 and has since become a stage classic. The Italian actor, director and author Antonio Latella has directed numerous international productions and was the director of the Venice International Theatre Festival from 2016 until 2020.

27. Sep, Mon
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