Richard II.

William Shakespeare &
13. Sep, Mon
Abo 15 / A! / Bonuspunkte Plus
Regie Johan Simons , ,
Bühne Johannes Schütz , ,
Kostüm Greta Goiris , ,
Musik Mieko Suzuki , ,
Licht Friedrich Rom , ,
Dramaturgie Sebastian Huber , , Dramaturgie Koen Tachelet , ,
König Richard II. Jan Bülow , ,
Königin Isabel Stacyian Jackson , ,
Johann von Gaunt/dessen Geist Martin Schwab , ,
Heinrich Bolingbroke, sein Sohn Sarah Viktoria Frick , ,
Herzog von York Oliver Nägele , ,
Herzogin von York Sabine Haupt , ,
Aumerle, deren Sohn Bardo Böhlefeld , ,
Northumberland Johannes Zirner , ,
Percy, sein Sohn Lukas Haas , ,
Thomas Mowbray, Herzog von Norfolk Gunther Eckes , ,
135 minutes no breaks

Shakespeare’s „worst king“ has practically zero political savvy. The fact that he had one of his uncles murdered antagonised members of the extensive royal family. He also raised the taxes and levies to fund his magnificent court, which incensed large parts of the nobility. And when another uncle died, he confiscated his possessions and sent his sole heir into exile. His reign is characterized by abuse of his position. Henry Bolingbroke leads the rebellion against Richard; the king can no longer govern a country that is so deeply divided. The resulting national crises raises the central question of the legitimacy of people reigning other people.

13. Sep, Mon
23. Feb, Wed
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Bonusmaterial: Martin Schwab über RICHARD II.
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