Was junge Menschen im Burgtheater erleben können

Many young people want to take responsibility, get involved and help to shape the future of society. This is exactly where the arts can play an important role and open doors to new worlds through the medium of participative productions.
In the BURGTHEATERSTUDIO, young people from 5 years and up can discover the world of theatre in productions and readings. They get to experience classical and contemporary drama in workshops, laboratories und projects, giving them a knowledge of the arts that allows them to take part in the action. In addition to receiving encouragement and nurture, they have the experience of creating something together. The BURGTHEATERSTUDIO gives young people the resources to question their present experience, formulate their protest and imagine utopias.
The BURGTHEATERSTUDIO also encourages new theatre talent: In this setting, young authors, directors, actors and other talented young creatives can develop their artistic gifts and be discovered by audiences.