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Lesen & Lauschen: Odo & Odo und der Beginn einer großen Reise

Dayan Kodua
Safira Robens
© Marcella Ruiz Cruz

Odo and her mother live in a pretty village near Accra in Ghana. And Odo has a big dream. She loves playing catch or hide-and-seek with her friends. When big, fat clouds form in the sky, they dance in the rain. But then Odo finds out that her mother plans to move to Europe and take Odo with her. But Odo can’t imagine leaving her friends behind. Her heart is heavy. Can Odo overcome her fear?

Safira Robens and Ernest Allan Hausmann read excerpts from two wonderful books about the concept of ownership in our consumer society, about the courage to see life in a new way, and about arriving in a new world, from the point of view of a young girl.

Thanks to STAUD’s Wien for their kind support.

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