Apropos Gegenwart #6: Die Macht der Massen

Isolde Charim im Gespräch mit Sven Rücker
21. Oct, Wed
€ 15,- / Abovorteil
90 minutes no breaks
Isolde Charim

Now of all times – in these times of isolation, of social distancing, of Covid-19 – they are again taking to the street: the crowds that were both a threat and an object of fascination in the 20th century, the crowds that we believed were a thing of the past in this era of individualism. Philosopher Sven Rücker examines how crowds work and calls for a new, more positive view of them. Isolde Charim will moderate this discussion about the pull of the masses – and the power of the individual.

This series is brought to you by the RD Foundation Vienna – for a strong civil society deeply rooted in human rights

21. Oct, Wed
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