Willi Resetarits & Basbaritenori: Lipo ti je

Basbaritenori! That’s what Europe sounds like when it can be what it is: an ancient continent whose countless stories are not forgotten – not even on the fringes – because music keeps them alive and palpable. Basbaritenori are four young men from the two nation states of Slovakia and Austria. What they have in common is their minority background and life. Willi Resetarits – Austria’s most famous Burgenland Croat, commonly known as Ostbahn Kurti – has been involved in the project since the very beginning and often joins the men onstage. The quintet’s joyful, sad, warmhearted and wise sound is only made possible by leaving the musty old concept of nation states behind in favour of the dream of a united continent. 


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Dauer und Pausen 2 Stunden - keine Pause
Zusatzinformation € 32,- bis € 4 ,-
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