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Szenenfoto Der Weibsteufel
© Hans Jörg Michel

Karl Schönherr’s drama THE SHE-DEVIL premiered at the Burgtheater in 1915. It is a furious piece of popular theatre about a woman and two men from the mountains of Tyrol. A man who makes a living from selling smuggled goods learns that the local policeman has hatched a plan to finally put an end to his activities, after many failed attempts. The policeman enlists the help of a border patrolman who is to ingratiate himself with the criminal’s attractive wife. The border patrolman stands to gain a speedy promotion if he can sweet-talk the woman into giving up information. The husband, in turn, encourages his wife to pretend to fall for the patrolman in order to win time for his criminal activities.

Beschreibung Information
Duration 90 minutes, no intermission
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